Lirik dan Terjemahan Red Ruby Da Sleeze - Nicki Minaj

- 7 Maret 2023, 10:41 WIB
Lirik terjemahan Red Ruby Da Sleeze - Nicki Minaj.
Lirik terjemahan Red Ruby Da Sleeze - Nicki Minaj. /Instagram./@nickiminaj

KABAR WONOSOBO - Simak lirik dan terjemahan lagu Red Ruby Da Sleeze yang merupakan single terbaru yang dikeluarkan oleh Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj resmi merilis single perdana tahun 2023 pada 3 Maret 2023 usai sukses merajai Billboard HOT 100 dengan lagu Super Freaky Girl.

Lagu Red Ruby Da Sleeze dikabarkan akan menjadi bagian dalam album studio kelima yang akan datang, yang direncakan dapat dirilis tahun 2023.

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Berikut lirik Red Ruby Da Sleeze - Nicki Minaj:


Only on them Cs if it's breeze
Red Ruby da Sleeze
Chinese on my sleeves
These wanna be Chun Li's
Anyway, nǐ hǎo (nî hâo)
Who the fuck told bitches they was me now?
I knew these bitches was slow
I ain't know these bitches senile
Married a shooter, case you niggas tried to breathe loud
Boom your face off then I tell him cease fire
I'm the A, B side
Seven hundred on them horses when we fixing to leave
But I don't fuck with horses since Christopher Reeves
(Oh‐oh, oh‐oh!)

Gotta be careful when I dip, it's flips all in the whip
It's 40s with 30 clips, FN's with the switch
Guacamole with the taco
Waiting for El Chapo
Came in the Rolls and left low in the Tahoe

Bad gyal don't die, die, die
Hundred rounds on dat gratata
Real one lick a shot-ta-ta
She my lil' vibe, my lil' ah-ah-ah
Bad gyal don't run from nobody, like ah
Rude boy want me touching on his body, like yah
Boy affi dead if he ever diss me
And he know what to do if he ever miss me


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